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Welcome GC1 students and other visitors. This is a graduate course for writing at the Osaka YMCA International College. Students will be adding short pieces of writing to this blog throughout the semester based on what they will be learning from the textbook, Significant Scribbles.

Please feel free to add comments and positive words to encourage each other to become fluent and accurate writers!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Goodbye and Have a Nice Summer Vacation!

GC1 Writers -

Thank you for all of your hard work throughout the semester. I know that writing is very difficult but each of you had an excellent attitude and worked hard at improving your writing skills. Like speaking a foreign language, writing in a foreign language takes lots of practice. We have practiced a lot this semester and I hope you continue to practice and write as much as you can!

Please feel free to continue to write on this blog. I will check it occasionally and try to give you comments or feedback on your writing (this is an excellent way to keep practicing!).

Keep up the good work, have a safe and happy summer break, and see you in October!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My good? future plan

Now, I have five goals or purposes about future. Some goals are about job or abilities, and others are about hobbies.

My most important future goal is to find a job. I have not found the job which I want yet. So I want to find and get the job during studying Osaka YMCA.

Then, my another important goal is speaking English fluently. I am not good at speaking well. I study hard in this year and when I go to the countries like America and Australia, I want to speak English very well with local people.

After I improved English skill, I want to read many English books. Now, I can’t read hard level English books without dictionary. I want to get the ability of reading within 3years and read novel without dictionary.

On the other hand, my goal about hobby except English is playing music with many people through session or gig. Now, I practice harmonica and am interested in whistle, Irish popular instrument. Within 2years, I want to play at session and be a good player.
Below movie is playing Irish tin whistle.

Finally, I want to travel many countries, especially Western Europe like Ireland. I want to know culture and communicate local people[I think learning culture is important]. I want to travel at next spring vacation and speak English.

This is Ireland introduction movie. I think it's beautiful.


My first goal is graduating from YMCA in this academic year. By that time, I'd like to speak English well.

Then, my next goal is to get a job. Through the work, I would like to contact with people using English and earn money.

Then, I'd like to go abroad and look around there. In particular, I want to go to Canada which has great nature.

Next, I'd like to achieve my goal of having a house. I prefer to country side than urban. And if there were some farm, I would be more happy!

After that, I'll get a smart big dog. White or mixed color dog is good, and I'll take walk, throw frisbee together.

My future goals.

My fist goal is to study English in Australia next year.
Than, my goal after studing Englsh is to have an interesting job
and open my own shop in Hawaii.
Next, my goal is to marry in Hawaii and have chidren and a
happy family.
After that Im goinng to trevel around the world together family.
My last goal is to buy a house in Hawaii.


Now, I have future five goals that successful diet,fluent speaker of English, buy a car,marry and study of painting
My first goal is to have a successful diet in this year. I going to fitness-club and then I will very hardly training. beacuse I want seen to my body before 30years old. I have good hopes that wear a bikini!

Tnen, My goal is to become fluent speaker of English. I studing a English. I`m not good that. But Its connection to world.
English is very imfortance in my life. I want change the myself and level up for me.

Next, My goal is Buy a car of daihathu, COPEN. That is very small, a little need oil(600cc) and convertible.
I not need fast car. I want economical, prtty car. I get a jab then buy a car.

After that my goal is marry with my boyfriend in Korea. He is Kind and strong. He Love to me. If we married become happy.
Last My goal is to study painting after marry with my children. I will happy painting with my baby.

My favorit program.

I like animation.
Japan animation is very famous.
Cute character and interesting story.

Title is funny story.
Toking about real story.

Music station in Japan.
Appear is famous world sart.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My favorite TV show

My favorite TV shows are Sekai Ururun Taizai-ki[World Ururun diary] and K1[or other martialarts show]. But recently, I don't watched TV show so much.

At first, I introduce Sekai Ururun Taizai-ki[short vasion]. This program shows a many kind of areas in the world. In every time, TV talent goes and stays in the world, communicates the local people, and experiences a lot of cultural things. On the program’s way, main members give quizes about the area’s life or culture. When I was a high school student, I often watch this TV show. It gives me many things about the world.

At second, I like martial arts. So I often watch that TV show. This is K1 Dynamite that is showed at every New Year’s Eve. It is the martial arts event like festival. Many fighters fight in some kind of rules.

This movie is Genki Sudo’s game that was last fight. He is called “Transformed Trickstar” and did colorful and unusual performance every times. Some people like his performance and others dislike. This entrance performance is very great but I think he spent a lot of money to do this.

You don't have to watch all. Please watch only entrance performance.